Domino’s Pizza Domino's Pizza

“Sublime IP (as JustNet) first provided a framework for Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd to transfer data from their sites through Australia back to our central office in Brisbane starting in the early 1990s. The basic system setup then served Domino’s well for around 10 years until replaced by a direct connection ADSL VPN. The system allowed Domino’s the flexibility and self-management to enable quick and dynamic changes to sites and the network when required. When Domino’s purchased the master franchise rights to several European countries a centralised ADSL system was required. Unlike Australia, the European network was across several countries and many local ADSL providers. Sublime IP provided a reliable, cost-effective VPN network across Europe and went out of their way to meet all of our complex requirements. Again flexibility and dynamic changes were well catered for. Sublime IP also provides Domino’s with reliable domain name management and DNS hosting across several countries. I would not hesitate to recommend their services to other enterprises needing Internet solutions.”

Witbe SA Witbe

“Witbe provides worldwide real-time QoE monitoring to its customers so it’s essential for us and our customers to have high availability networks and fast implementations. With Sublime IP, we can achieve high service quality service to our existing customers and earn new business. Witbe appreciates the highly professional and responsive services from Sublime IP.”

Lion Nathan National Foods Lion Nathan National Foods

“Sublime IP has provided intellectual property and domain name solutions to Lion Nathan for over a decade. I can happily recommend their services to any company requiring help with their domain name portfolio or related services, as they have always been responsive to our needs.”

Smartspeak SmartSpeak

“We have been using Sublime IP since 2007 for our mission critical colocation and telephony needs across Asia Pacific. They have always proven to be a reliable and flexible supplier that go out of their way to meet our specific requirements. We would happily recommend their services to any company.”

Color Technology Color Technology

“Sublime IP has provided Color Technology with transit and server housing in multiple international sites for close to 4 years now, with little downtime over that period. In my experience their staff are extremely helpful and knowledgeable.”

Toshiba Dealers Toshiba

[Newsletter extract]

“Global Switch, one of the largest IP providers in the Southern Hemisphere and located in Sydney, had a major power outage on Level 2. ‘Big deal’ you may think. Read the articles below and you can see for yourselves that we’re talking BIG business here!

We at toshibadealers too ‘use’ Global Switch and guess what … yep, on level 2 our files are!

When the power goes down (including UPS), guess what happens with the heads HDD’s – yep again! Our service provider, Sublime IP in Sydney worked, literally, through the night to get everything restored using our allocated mirror site. Hey, we’re talking 60+ databases and many gigs worth of highly compressed files!

We lost no data at all, only because Sublime IP run continuous backups. The outage was unique in as much that EVERYTHING went down. We were, and I must admit, rather ‘nervous’ about the integrity of our backups (you only know how good they are when you need them!!!). Does your service provider have adequate backups and/or mirror sites? Remember how, back in March, some 7,800 businesses lost years and years worth of work because there were no backups by their host?”