In December 2007, the auDA Board approved a recommendation from the 2007 Names Policy Panel that the registrant transfers policy be relaxed to allow a registrant to transfer their domain name licence to another eligible entity, for any reason.

These changes came into effect on 1 June 2008.

Sublime IP is able to assist with transfer of domain names between registrants.

Key elements of the changes to the .au policy are as follows:

  • You cannot register a domain name for the sole purpose of resale or transfer to a third party.
  • You cannot transfer your domain name for the first six months after it is registered.
  • After six months, you can offer your domain name for sale by any means.
  • The buyer must comply with normal eligibility and allocation rules for .au domain names.

Requests to change the owner of a domain can be made using our .au domain owner change form or contact us for assistance.