Our Internet services arm, DIALix, was established in Western Australia in 1989 and was arguably Australia’s first commercial Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Sublime IP Pty Ltd (ABN 29 068 467 667), was founded on 2 March 1995 in Sydney, Australia.

In 1995, the company produced JustNet’s Guide to the Internet, one of Australia’s first Internet guide books, which sold over 6,000 copies. This guide was reviewed by Australian Personal Computer magazine at the time as being “the best in the business”.

Domain name services

Fast, easy to understand and inexpensive domain name registration has been provided by JustNet since its formation and has always been a core focus for the company. sublime//ip operates a user-friendly retail domain name registration service under the brand name of GoDomains. The GoDomains web site is well regarded by our clients, many of whom have become regular visitors.

Sublime IP (as JustNet) became an accredited registrar of domain names in various countries several years ago, including in New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Following deregulation of the Australian domain name market on 1 July 2002, JustNet also gained accreditation from auDA, the .au Domain Name Authority, to operate as a registrar for Australian domains. The company was the first non-testbed registrar to be accredited under auDA’s new registrar system.

Hosting services

In the mid 1990s, our hosting services were primarily concerned with electronic mail management and handling a growing number of domain names and mail services for customers of the DIALix ISP. From our own humble beginnings with designing and hosting some of Australia’s first web sites, we progressed to hosting sites on behalf of clients.

Our hosting was originally provided via the DIALix network, which included a national data network linking the capital cities originally via modems over leased lines and later by ISDN.

In 1998, JustNet invested significant capital into infrastructure expansion to offer improved performance for its virtual web hosting service, GoWeb. This hosting service continues to boast excellent reliability and performance, with a range of service tiers to suit individual and small business needs as well as corporate requirements for maximum speed and reliability.

In August 1998, JustNet became the first business in Australia to connect to Telstra’s Synchronous Digital Hierarchy service, providing off-the-shelf wholesale bandwidth at up to 155Mbp/s over fibre optic cable.

In 1999 we installed our first server in the United States, based in San Francisco.

In 2001 we relocated the bulk of our Australian hosting operations to the brand new purpose-built Internet Data Centre constructed by Exodus Communications at North Ryde, Sydney. While US-based Exodus failed in the dot-com crash, we continued to offer space within this excellent facility, which is now managed by Fujistu Australia Ltd.

In March 2002 we installed our first server in Europe, located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

We have a continuing focus on adding new technologies as they become available and maintaining and improving speed and reliability.

Our hosting service continues operates from multiple sites around the world and is managed in-house and powered by open source software.

ISP Services

Our ISP brand, DIALix, was conceived in a suburban garage in Woodlands, a suburb of Perth, Western Australia, in late 1989. DIALix offered modem dial-up access to a commercial Unix system – at a famously low price of 1 cent per minute.

Soon afterwards, DIALix obtained a UUCP (email and Usenet news only) connection to the outside world by way of AARNet (the Australian Academic and Research Network), providing email access for the first time to many Perth residents. In doing so, DIALix was arguably the first business in Australia providing Internet access to Australians outside of the academic environment.

DIALix was unique and inexpensive enough to attract customers from not only Perth but also the other states of Australia and even overseas – all calling long distance into the single Perth POP. For a while in the early 1990s, the main Internet connection for Indonesia was a phone call into DIALix!

In 1992, DIALix expanded east with the installation of a POP in Sydney, providing local call access to a whole new market at a time when ISPs were very few in number.

By 1994, DIALix had established sites in the five mainland Australian states and the ACT.

In 1998, we launched a new Internet access service was launched to provide reliable, high speed access to customers in the Sydney area. This was a complement to the DIALix business and offered a premium level service. The JustNet ISP service proved popular with businesses demanding high speed access, as well as home users looking for quick and reliable Internet access with excellent
customer service.

The JustNet ISP service was reviewed by various Internet publications, regularly featuring as one of around 24 top ISPs out of around 750 in operation in Australia.

On 1 January 2000, JustNet acquired the customers and brands of DIALix and integrated the existing JustNet and DIALix ISPs into one service.

We have generally ceased to add new customers to our ISP service since that time, although we continue to support a loyal customer base around Australia, who have now been with us for at least 10 years and in some cases 20 years or more.

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