Corporate Entities

Sublime IP currently has corporate presence in USA, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa. Some of our business units are as follows:

Sublime IP Pty Ltd
ABN 29 068 467 667
Place of incorporation: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Date of incorporation: 2 March 1995

Sublime IP Europe Pty Ltd
ABN 43 119 013 615
Place of incorporation: New South Wales, Australia

Sublime IP Ltd
Company No. 5480388
Place of incorporation: London, England
Date of incorporation: 14 June 2005

Sublime IP Bandwidth Pty Ltd
ABN 93 122 829 878
Place of incorporation: New South Wales, Australia

Sublime Intellectual Property Pty Ltd
ABN 61 137 378 539
Place of incorporation: New South Wales, Australia

Sublime IP LLC
Place of incorporation: Delaware, USA

Principal mailing addresses

PO Box 428
Terrey Hills NSW 2084

United Kingdom
St John’s House
54 St John’s Square
London EC1V 4JL

Local mailing addresses in other locations are available on request.


Sublime IP is a private, family-owned business, 100% owned by the Shin Ryoku Trust, an Australian domiciled discretionary investment trust.

Shin Ryoku


Squire Sanders K & L Gates

Independent Accountants


Principal Bankers


In addition, we accept payments via the following banks.

Deutsche Bank HSBC Raiffeisen logo Commonwealth Australia logo Dnb Nor logo BMO logo
ASB New Zealand logo St George logo SinoPac logo Postbank logo Danske Bank logo Nordea logo
BNP Paribas logo Barclays Bank logo AIB logo SMBC logo SC First Bank logo ABN Amro logo
ING logo ANZ logo ABSA logo
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