General services

Internet access and hosting services through Sublime IP are billed in advance, typically for either monthly, quarterly or annual service terms.

In general, we pre-pay our suppliers and/or enter into long-term agreements in order to obtain favourable pricing and ensure we have sufficient capacity to deliver to our clients at consistently high service levels.

Consequently, pre-paid services are generally non-refundable.

In the case of long service periods such as 12-month contracts, we may at our discretion consider the issue of a partial refund depending on the circumstances, in particular any pre-purchased or term commitments we have entered into on your behalf.

In the event that you have any dissatisfaction with any service provided by Sublime IP, please contact us to discuss this as soon as possible. Our aim is to deliver services that exceed expectations, and if we have failed in this regard we will consider resupply of services or refund relevant service fees.

Domain name registrations and renewals

Domain name registrations, transfers, renewals and applications are final, and generally cannot be cancelled under any circumstances.

Please be sure that you fully understand this before you attempt any domain name registrations, etc. We have no means of retrieving money from the registry for domain transactions, so we cannot refund clients who register or transfer names in error.

Refund dispites

In cases of refund dispute, please contact us. Sublime IP will decide on refunds solely based on the discretion of the management.

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