We are positively identified for your protection

Secured by GeoTrustOur secure server web site contains a certificate issued by an internationally trusted third-party, GeoTrust Inc., and this certificate is checked automatically before you enter our secure site.

Seeing the padlock icon in your browser and the start of the web site address changing from http:// to https:// confirm you have entered a secure web site.

Extended Validation certification

Our key secure site at secure.sublimeip.com utilises the latest Extended Validation (EV) SSL for enhanced security. Your browser address bar will change to green colour while visiting an EV secured web site to indicate this new higher level of authentication.

Your data is encrypted in transit

Secure Sockets Layer (“SSL”) security provides encryption of your information such as credit card details, which ensures that if your message is somehow intercepted it will be extremely difficult to decode.

If you are concerned only about sending your credit card details over the Internet, we encourage you to complete the online order in the usual way but leave your credit card number blank. We will contact you by other means (e.g. telephone) to obtain your card number.

If you would rather not send any personal information at all via the Internet, you can contact us by any of several more traditional methods.


Stored or transmitted personal data on our network is protected in a number of ways. SSL/TLS is used for collecting personal information from you, using certified, 256-bit keys. Information we exchange between our networks is secured using a minimum of 256-bit SSL encryption. All highly confidential information including all credit card details is additionally encrypted with a 2048-bit public key encryption system such as The GNU Privacy Guard (GNUPG).

Payment Gateways

Once we have received payment information, we utilise only highly reputable services providers for payment processing and maintain strict security. For processing of credit card transactions we use professional payment service provider GlobalCollect.

We also maintain our own direct relationships with major international banks including UBS, HSBC, ING, Deutsche Bank and Westpac.

SSL services for clients

In addition to our in-house use of SSL, we provide SSL for client web sites we host. While we can support SSL certificates from nearly all certifying agencies we use and recommend certificates from GeoTrust, Thawte and Verisign and can provide full service for obtaining, installing and maintaining SSL services for clients.

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