Domain Registration Service Levels

The following service levels apply to registration of Australian .au domain names by Sublime IP.

Registrations of Australian .au domains are subject to auDA policy checks and as such can not generally be fully automated.

Our staff review all Australian domain orders to check for compliance with auDA policy. We endeavour to process all registrations that we receive within business hours on the day of receipt. Regardless of the time of day or day of week an order is received to have completed the order by no later than the following business day.

Generally we do have staff checking orders for policy compliance regularly including times outside of normal business hours. In practice, our domain orders are typically processed more quickly than this and often within a matter of minutes.

Our service levels are based on a number of assumptions, including that:

  • you provide all the required information to meet auDA policy requirements;
  • we are able to independently verfiy the information you provide, which may require use of third party databases such as ASIC’s database or the Australian Business Register;
  • we have received full payment for your domain registration;
  • the registry systems are operating normally and we are thus technically able to effect the registration of your domain(s).

Update Service Levels

Updates to domain records, such as changes to delegation or contact information, are normally processed live to the registry. This relies upon us receiving the correct Domain Password and/or other relevant security information in order to authorise the changes, and also that the registry systems are operating normally when we receive the update request.

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