We provide colocation services from a massive network of data centers spanning the world. Our dedicated server options can generally be deployed to any of our active colocation sites giving a vast choice of potential locations.

Each location has its own benefits and we can advise on the best locations for your specific needs and depending on your priorities. The types of variables you may wish to consider when deciding upon your colocation or dedicated server telehousing location include:

  • bandwidth cost
  • colocation real estate cost
  • electricity costs
  • backbone connectivity speeds
  • political stability
  • price
  • privacy and other legal framework issues related to the jurisdiction
  • proximity to your end users
  • need to be present in a particular region (e.g. for interconnection with local telephony services)

More information

For more information about our dedicated server offerings, please contact our sales team.

Our dedicated servers are custom-built to your exact requirements so pricing is ultimately determined by a number of factors but principally:

  • server hardware specifications you require
  • bandwidth requirements
  • data center location
  • physical size of the server and its power needs (which will affect the ongoing colocation costs)
  • operating system (e.g. Linux, Windows, FreeBSD)
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