Productive email

By now nearly everyone knows what email is and how it can be beneficial. Most email users also know what a time-waster email can be and also how interrupting it can be to have an inbox overwhelmed with spam, viruses and other unwanted mail.

Sublime IP provides managed email services that take away most if not all of the traditional headaches of providing and using electronic mail. Whether you are an end-user of email, an administrator or a manager of email users, we are sure to have services to please you.

Global coverage

For resiliance and reliability, our email network spans the globe with a network of mail servers that are in contstant contact with each other and the outside world.

Our globally distributed hosting platform allows us to locate mailboxes on mail servers near your end users, so for example your European users can collect mail from a European mail server; U.S. users from a server in the States and so on. This provides the best available speed and reliability.

This also allows us to deliver mail to your end-users nearer to where they are, reducing round-trip times and reducing the chance of Internet outages and bottlenecks interrupting your communications flow.

Configurable filtering

We provide advanced anti-virus and anti-spam facilities greatly reducing the amount of time-wasting and potentially malicious and dangerous email reaching your end-users.

We can also provide additional measures such as greylisting, DNS blacklisting, recipient and sender blacklists and so on.

Easy unified management

We provide a full management interface allowing users to be added, edited or removed quickly and easily.

End-users can optionally manage some tasks themselves, such as password changes, while your managers or system administrators keep control of master account privileges.


Our mail services scale to meet your needs. Whether you are a one-person business looking for a single mail account or a corporate with a global workforce looking to oursource email handling, we have a solution for you.

In addition to normal person-to-person messaging, we also have capabilities to add services such as auto-responders and advanced automated handling and sorting of incoming messages. Mailing lists are another option and support discussion groups, announcements and so on. Mailing lists are configured to require minimal administrator intervention and allow end-users to manage their own list subscriptions, while also providing administrators with easy to use facilities such as list digesting, limits to message size, configurable moderation, open and close lists and so on.

Dedicated mail servers

In addition to shared managed email services, for the highest security and performance needs we also have dedicated mail server facilities available at most of our data centre and hosting locations worldwide.

Standards based email

Our mail servers, including dedicated servers, can utilise existing and envolving Internet standards to improve security (e.g. TLS/SSL), trust (e.g. SPF), redundancy (through multiple MX servers hosted in dispersed locations worldwide), and anti-spam technologies (such as SpamAssassin, SpamCop, various DNS based blacklists, Razor and more).

Our servers utilise Open Source software including the robust FreeBSD operating system and postfix mail server (a faster and more secure sendmail replacement). On top of this we add our own management layer for configurability and ease of use, as well as advanced monitoring to manage server loads, global network traffic and message counts and delivery times.

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