Outsourced mailing list hosting

We can provide a managed mailing list service allowing you to easily communicate with large groups of users.

Mailing lists can be set up to suit different purposes. For example, one-way “announce only” mailing lists can be useful for sending monthly client newsletters, announcing upgrades to software or changes to a menu or price list.

Another use of mailing lists is for email-based discussion groups, allowing interaction between special interest groups, staff teams or similar situations.

Easy list management

Our mailing list service is powered by Mailman, which provides easy management and plenty of configuration options to adjust to suit your exact needs. Subscribers to your lists can manage their own subscriptions easily via a web interface, including subscribe and unsubscribe requests, changing to a daily “digest” version of the list and temporarily suspending delivery if they’re going on holidays.

Mailman works in a similar way to most other mailing list management software such as Majordomo and ezmlm. We can even assist you with migrating from an existing list setup to Mailman and you can do a bulk import of your existing subscriber data.

Customized branding

Our hosted mailing lists are fully brandable, so your users can visit a web site within your own domain (like www.lists.example.com). Messages to and from the list also use your own domain (e.g. oishii-announcements@example.com).

Configurable privacy and list policies

Just about everything to do with mailing lists is easily configured. For example, members of the public can’t normally search who is subscribed to your list, and you can decide whether or not to allow this for list subscribers.

You can have a “moderated” list where one or more list administrators has to approve messages before they are distributed to the list; or you can allow free-flow of messages.

You can decide on the maximum message size, permissible email attachment formats (if any) and so on.

Indicative pricing

Hosted mailing list service for an average-sized list is around AUD $39.95 per month with a once-off setup fee of $33. Alternatively we offer annual billing for AUD $399 per list. Higher fees may apply for a list with a particularly high volume of messages or large number of subscribers.

We can in some circumstances offer discounts for non-profit organisations or for hosting multiple lists, so please feel free to contact us for a quote specific to your needs.

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