Cloud Computing via a proven, globally-deployed IaaS Platform

Sublime Cloud provides secure, flexible cloud servers from strategic locations worldwide. Some highlights of our Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform are detailed below.

Strong Security

Cloud Security

Virtualization platform security

  • Hardware-based hypervisor based on KVM, benefiting from the security and stability of the mainline Linux development process, and actively supported by members of the Open Virtualization Alliance including HP, IBM, Intel and Redhat
  • The ability to run any standard operating system of your choice, so you can use current, secured versions of your preferred operating system and not be stuck with outdated versions just because they happen to suit your cloud provider better
  • Firewall options, in addition to any software firewall you may run on your servers themselves

Client isolation

Security shield

  • Full isolation between individual cloud servers
  • VLANs for private interchange of network data within each cloud location
  • Strong encryption for all stored disk data
  • Dedicated RAID drive pairs available on request for complete separation of physical storage
  • Dedicated cloud hypervisor hardware available for private cloud deployments, at either our announced public locations or any of our global data centers on request


Any size

Flexible server sizing

  • Fully independent, scalable resources – choose exactly how much CPU, RAM and disk space you need for each server without being constrained by fixed server sizes
  • Change your mind any time – re-size any of your server configuration parameters any time in seconds. Upgrade (or downgrade) of RAM, CPU etc doesn’t require any re-installation of operating system or unnecessary complexity

Any operating system

Run any operating system

  • KVM-based cloud platform allows for running any operating system you choose: any version of Linux, Windows, BSD, and more. Choose from any of our standard operating systems or upload an disk image of your own

Any time

  • Start and stop servers any time you need, via web control panel or API
  • No minimum time commitment or lock-in contracts – pay only for what you use

Multiple locations and cloud models

IaaS Cloud World Map

  • Cloud hosting from multiple world regions – choose the site nearest to you or your clients; the best price or legal jurisdiction for your needs; or use multiple sites for redundancy and optimum global performance
  • Rapid deployment of cloud infrastructure to new geographical locations on request, either as new public cloud POPs or as dedicated private clouds for your organization’s exclusive use
  • Colocate your physical servers or other equipment with us in the same data centers, if required

Cloud servers that work just like real servers

Dedicated server

  • Persistent disk storage so data is retained after server restart or shutdown, just like it would be on a dedicated server
  • Interact at the console level via VNC, even during the early stages of your operating system bootup, for the ultimate in remote control
  • Install any operating system that runs on regular Intel / AMD hardware
  • Standard IP networking with a real public IP address (no NAT); optional static IPs, including multiple IPs per server if required
  • Optional use of your our own provider independent IP address space for your cloud servers (minimum /24 block) on our network and cloud hardware

High performance and reliability standards

Cloud infrastructure

  • 100% SLA (Service Level Agreement), with generous credits in case of any outage
  • Guaranteed CPU, RAM and Storage allocations on premium infrastructure
  • Enterprise-grade storage with high levels of redundancy and performance, with options available for even higher performance, such as dedicated flash storage
  • Complementary CPU burst capability in excess of your committed allocation, so you can utilise our spare capacity, where available
  • Automatic redundancy and fail-over for storage, compute nodes and networking
  • Our clouds are located in strategic Internet hotspots – for example, our USA cloud is hosted in what is considered “the world’s best known Internet center point” in Silicon Valley; and Sublime Cloud Europe is housed at an AMS-IX exchange point – the world’s largest public Internet exchange. This ensures excellent connectivity options, carrier diversity and low ping times
  • 24×7 platform monitoring from multiple world locations for fast identification and rectification of issues

Easy management

Cloud Management Control Panel

  • Innovative, secure web console to easily create, manage and re-size servers and storage, any time
  • Clone servers and drives for easy scalability
  • Comprehensive API for advanced users and automation
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