Data center platform

Sublime Cloud operates from a selection of premium data centers in our global network. Each data center operates independently of the others, in separate geographic regions and fed by different network providers and power grids for the ultimate in redundancy.

Sublime IP has provided data center colocation services to clients for over 15 years and has considerable expertise in this area, spanning 73 countries in the developed world and many emerging markets.

Data center facility details

More details of the primary technical facilities for our Sublime Cloud locations can be found here:

Sublime Cloud Region Data Center
United States USA San Francisco Bay Area, California
Europe Europe Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Australia Australia Sydney, Australia

Server technology

Our virtualisation hosts utilise premium hardware. Every server node within Sublime Cloud comprises at least 16 CPU cores and at least 64 GB of 1333 MHz ECC server RAM. Many of these nodes in each location are clustered together for redundancy and load balancing.

Our servers all feature redundant power supplies for increased stability of the platform, protecting against both failure of the server power supplies as well as outages on the electricity supply due to grid failure, UPS or generator issues.

Power Efficiency and the Environment

With a strong commitment to the environment, we utilise high efficiency CPUs and storage technologies with class-leading low power consumption. We also have strict purchasing policies to help meet our environmental aims, such as a minimum specification of at least 80PLUS Gold Level efficiency power supplies across all our servers; and a strong preference for “green-powered” or carbon-offset data center locations.

Sublime Storage

We focus strongly on storage performance and ensure your cloud servers work like and feel as responsive as real servers – a noticeable difference from most cloud providers.

We use high-speed, enterprise-grade 2.5″ hard drives throughout the Sublime Cloud virtualization network as a minimum level to ensure excellent performance. These high-end rotational drives are complemented by Intel Single-Level Cell (SLC) enterprise SSD storage for extremely fast random data access to boost your storage performance.

All host servers run RAID 10 to keep your data safe, even in the (unlikely) case of hard disk failure.

Custom storage solutions

Custom storage solutions based exclusively on SSD as well as super-premium storage solutions such as Fusion-io can be added on request.

Sublime Internet Connectivity

Sublime Cloud locations are housed in carrier-neutral, exceptionally well connected data center facilities ensuring excellent Internet data performance, competitive pricing and reliable local and global routing for your data.

Under our standard bandwidth pricing model, you are billed per gigabyte of data transfer, with no minimum data commitment. Should you have very high data needs, Sublime IP can also facilitate dedicated high bandwidth connectivity to our existing peering and transit providers, or via additional carriers if required. For custom bandwidth solutions we can also offer alternative pricing models such as fixed pricing per Mbps and in some locations burstable bandwidth billing based on 95th percentile utilization.

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