Sublime choice, plus the freedom to change

Sublime Cloud gives you freedom to choose – and to change your mind. Our pricing is based on a utility model – you pay for only what you use. Unlike most other cloud and VPS providers, we don’t force you into monthly commitments, nor into choosing from some arbitrary set of combinations of CPU, RAM and storage that aren’t likely to be a perfect match for your needs.

Instead, you choose exactly how much compute power, memory and disk space you need. And if your needs change – up or down – just change the values to keep your server size perfect for your requirements, any time, without penalty.

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Subscription Pricing

If you know your expected usage in advance, you can pre-purchase subscriptions to your desired combination of CPU speed, memory, fast disk storage and Internet data transfer.

Since knowing your expected needs in advance makes our life easier, we pass on generous discounts for subscriptions, which are available on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

Subscription pricing guarantees a great deal for your expected minimum use. You are still free to scale your actual server specifications up and down any time you like, so you can accommodate peak needs or unexpected bursts in activity at our competitive utility rates, while enjoying good discounts on your base commitment.

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