Security in our Cloud

Sublime Cloud takes extraordinary measures to provide customers with security when using our cloud, including a number of critical extra protections that are not typically available from other public cloud providers. Moving to the cloud shouldn’t mean reducing the level of security for your computing needs. We work hard to provide clients with best-practice security in a multi-dimensional way.

Encrypted Storage

All user virtual drives are encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption technology. When you delete a drive on Sublime Cloud, you can feel confident that any potentially usable data stored on that drive will never become accessible to anyone else.

Client Separation

All Sublime Cloud servers are separated at a low level using hardware-based KVM virtualization. Virtual servers see each other as they would physical servers and they behave in the same way. Network traffic is isolated so that individual users can only see their own network traffic.

Optional VLANs and VPN

Within a Sublime Cloud location, you can optionally provision VLANs for private networking between your virtual servers at that location.

You can also install any VPN software you wish on your own servers, e.g. for sharing data securely with your servers running at Sublime Cloud locations in other world regions, or to for secure connection back to your office locations.

Secure Authentication

Access to the Sublime Cloud management tools is exclusively via secure 128 bit SSL connections, regardless of whether this is via our website console or our API. Every account action requires individual authentication via the API or website console.

Secure Payments

Our online credit card payment transactions are encrypted in transit with the highest security, extended validation (EV) SSL.

For one-off cloud payments, we do not retain your credit card information in any retrievable form.

Should you request us to retain your card details for future billing, the data is securely stored by our global payment services provider, Global Collect. To ensure your security, we do not retain your credit card information on our systems.

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