Alternatives to colocation

Colocation and having physical equipment (servers, routers, telephony equipment, etc) is sometimes a necessity in a specific location. However, we provide a comprehensive range of Internet solutions and depending on your circumstances we may be able to replace or complement your colocation needs with services such as:

  • dedicated servers (essentially colocation where we provide the server hardware for you sourced locally to minimise costs and customs issues, especially for remote locations)
  • cloud-based hosting on Linux, Windows and BSD operating systems
  • managed services such as web and email hosting
  • managed VPN to interconnect remote sites securely to existing central infrastructure
  • content distribution network (CDN) services to distribute hosted media to your end-users efficiently on a global scale

These alternatives may be able to reduce your overall costs, improve performance or achieve other benefits for you, so feel free to discuss your needs with us in detail to get the best outcome.

Cloud solutions

Our cloud computing services are a great alternative to deploying your own hardware, allowing for a choice of almost any operating system, immediate start-up, no long contract commitments and flexibility to scale your computing resources up or down any time you need.

Our cloud services are available from selected key markets already, and we are actively expanding our platform to cover more global locations. If you have a cloud requirement in an area outside our current cloud service locations, please let us know and we’ll see what we can do for you.

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