Our telehousing service in Los Angeles includes:

  • Switched fast ethernet connectivity
  • High speed internet connectivity including 1 globally routed public IP address (additional IPs available on request)
  • Graphical monitoring for your Internet traffic port(s)
  • Server and/or service monitoring for the health of your servers, with notifications by email or SMS in case of outage
  • Remote hands technical assistance available locally
  • Data center installation and logistical services
  • Billing in your choice of local or preferred currency, with convenient local payment options worldwide
  • Managed firewall and VPN services

Los Angeles Location

  • World Region: North America
  • Region: California, United Status
  • Latitude: 34.0452 (approximate location only)
  • Longitude: -118.2840
  • Time Zone: GMT -08:00
  • Electricity Voltage: 110 volts
  • Primary electricity source in United Status: Fossil Fuels (71%)
  • Nearby additional locations:San Francisco colocation (550 km) Vancouver colocation (1737 km) Washington D.C. colocation (1904 km)

Your Los Angeles Requirements

Get a fast colocation quote now with no obligation by letting us know your rack space and Internet traffic requirements. You can email to colocation.sales@sublimeip.com.

Global colocation experience

Our speciality is colocation in multiple locations (e.g. several different cities or countries). If you need colo in more than one location (or somewhere other than Los Angeles) visit our global colocation quote tool where you can select multiple data center locations at once.

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