Global footprint

While Sublime IP does not operate its own data centers, we have established a large network of agreements with reputable and reliable data center operators in many different cities and countries.

This allows us to deliver services from many locations worldwide, providing you with options that we believe provide more flexibility and better terms than dealing directly with traditional telcos, data centre operators or ISPs.

With our wide geographic coverage, you can choose to:

  • locate your servers or other equipment in a professional data centre near your own location for ease of management and maintenance
  • locate your Internet servers nearer to your end users to provide faster response times, lower round trip (“ping” or network latency) times and optimum reliability
  • strategically locate servers to boost your network and service reliability, for example by locating backup servers in another city or country from your primary site (whether or not we are hosting the primary)
  • locate your servers in a jurisdiction with favourable legal framework for your applications from the point of view of content regulation, taxation or other requirements (e.g. the Netherlands provides very high privacy standards)
  • expand services easily as required while retaining your existing arrangements. We make it easy to add new countries and data centre locations to your colocation service as your needs evolve over time.

We can provide data centre space in a number of key Internet markets worldwide, from as little as one server / one rack unit of space right up to full racks, private cages and data suites.

Some of our most popular locations are:

In all, we provide colocation from a large number of other countries – currently over 70 in total. We specialise in complex colocation with services in multiple locations and in widely dispersed geographic areas. You can obtain a quotation for colocation online, covering all our current locations.

A selection of our sites also have a data center guide available online for immediate download.

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