Global Domain Name Management

Sublime IP has a long history of professionally managing domain portfolios for clients around the world. In addition to our numerous long-standing registrar accreditations, we have capabilities to register domains in virtually every country in the world through a wide network of reliable local partners.

Comprehensive domain name portfolio management

Sublime IP’s broad global coverage and high service levels make us ideally suited to managing domain and brand portfolios. Our clients include large multinational organisations as well as smaller, growing brands.

We offer:

  • expert advice on domain name issues in nearly every country world-wide
  • local address or agent services, trademark registration and company incorporation services where required to meet local presence requirements for domain registration where required
  • reliable registration and renewal services
  • easy management of large numbers of domains allowing for bulk updates of contact information, delegation and similar domain management issues
  • dedicated account managers including multi-lingual staff
  • flexible billing arrangements in your choice of currency
  • comprehensive monitoring and reporting of domains, including third party domains such as cyber-squatted domains and innocent third party registrations

Fast, reliable small order registration

For single domain or other small orders we offer fast, reliable service with good value for money. We can undertake registrations in the more obscure countries and ccTLDs worldwide to fill in gaps in your existing portfolio, as well as offer primary domain registration for new businesses just starting out and seeking their first “.com” registration or local country code presence.

Whereas many registrars regard a domain name as a one-off sale, we view the registration as a service that we provide to you throughout and beyond the registration time. Consequently, our prices are higher than bare-bones registrars who aim to barely cover costs on a domain registration and do not account for the ongoing costs to provide high quality service to you over the two years or more of the domain registration’s life.

What we do offer is a good price for our unique “sublime” service levels, getting your registration and renewals carried out quickly and accurately and being available to you to provide whatever ongoing support you need for your domain names throughout its registration term.

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