Global reach

We offer an extensive global footprint of data centers, which means we can place your content close to your end-users for the best download speeds and reliability.

Powered by proven Open Source technologies

Since our inception we have used exclusively Open Source technologies to power our web hosting network (as well as nearly all other aspects of our business).

Our virtual web hosting platform is powered by the FreeBSD operating system, as used by nearly all of Yahoo’s Internet servers, Microsoft Hotmail, and the foundations of Apple’s OS X operating system.

Our web servers are powered by Apache, the world’s most popular web server software that runs over 50% of all web sites.

We also use and support a wide variety of other great open source products including PHP, MySQL, postfix, BIND and many others. We have been using these tools extensively in our test and production environments for many years – in some cases since their very first release.

Solutions that suit you

Our experience ranges from tiny single page web sites through to sites that require numerous physical servers scattered around the world. In short, we can scale our hosting solutions to meet your needs, whatever they may be.

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