Our practice areas

Sublime IP provides in-house trademark management services as well as operating a specialist IP firm, Sublime Intellectual Property Pty Ltd. Our IP specialities lie in two key areas:

  • Management of IP portfolios for clients with large numbers of Internet domain names
  • Registration and management of Australian trademarks for clients located outside of Australia (predominantly corporates and multi-nationals, although smaller clients are also welcome)

Corporate IP protection

For global businesses, we offer unmatched coverage of Internet domain names worldwide and can protect brands online in virtually every country.

We offer a choice of per-country registrations, allowing you to select and protect only the most critical markets for your brands; or blanket registration covering all major open domain spaces worldwide. In either case, we handle all all the tedious and time-consuming details presenting a simple and concise report of our registrations undertaken on your behalf with a single bill in the currency of your choice.

Our service includes:

  • dedicated account management
  • fast and professional sales and ongoing support by email, fax and international freecall telephone from nearly anywhere in the world
  • all technical aspects of the domain name registration
  • meeting local currency payments and requirements for all domain types
  • corresponding with the relevant registry on your behalf, including translation to and from other langauges where necessary
  • instant integration with optional supporting technical services such as global, redundant DNS management; web server hosting from several locations worldwide; email services
  • easy and secure management interface to monitor all active domain registrations in one place
  • monitoring tools for other domains of interest, e.g. cybersquatted domains, competitor domain portfolios, subsidiaries and parent entity monitoring

Protecting proprietary rights for smaller businesses

It is a little known fact by smaller business operators that in many countries their use of a registered business or company name does not entitle them to any proprietary protection of their “brand” name. Whilst the local government authority (e.g. ASIC in Australia or Companies House in the U.K.) will not allow a completely identical name to be registered, it’s quite possible for a very similar name to be allowed.

In a world where trade increasingly crosses national borders, it’s also very possible for a competitor or other third party to have a similar or even identical company name trading in a different market – perhaps one that you’d like to enter one day.

We can assist by providing trademark registration, filing and lodging services in a number of countries. Unlike many traditional law firms and trademark attorneys, our considerable experience with brands in the Internet gives us an edge in protecting brands online. In particular, Sublime IP and its subsidiaries is an accredited domain name registrar in many countries worldwide and can ensure your trademark receives comprehensive protection in domain name spaces worldwide.

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