Monitoring trademark use on the Internet

Sublime IP’s core skills of Internet, intellectual property and intelligence come together to great effect with our advanced trademark and domain name monitoring services.

Initially, we identify your existing trademarks as well as untrademarked brands, trading names, company names and so on. This is done in a wide number of ways to ensure a comprehensive result, such as obtaining a list directly from you; consulting with your existing trademark attorneys; public database searches; inspection of the company’s web site; and reading through the company’s annual report, prospectus or other public documents as applicable.

In addition to getting a detailed brand picture, our approach also means we end up knowing a lot about your business, which we find is very useful in ensuring we’re familiar with what you do, we know we’re you’re heading and we can assess more thoroughly and accurately how we can help.

Monitoring third party use

Our trademark monitoring services keep track of your existing trademark registrations and domain name registrations and renewals in virtually any country world wide. We can also notify you of when new domains are registered that match your trademarks or brands.

Our monitoring also extends to monitoring third party or related party names. For example, notifying you of new trademarks or domains registered by your parent company, subsidiaries, competitors or known problematic cybersquatters.

Competitor analysis

We also offer custom services in the area of competitive IP intelligence, such as notifications of new domain names or trademarks registered to third parties of interest. Please contact us for a confidential discussion of your requirements.

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